Wouldn't it be fun to come together from scattered places and create?

To gather with other creatives and just slow down for a bit to create for the sake of creating? To play with paint and stitching and discover something new? Then come gather in the Gather Paint Stitch creative hub for fun creative lessons that will help you find your creative flow. We will be playing with various ideas and supplies that are playful, colorful, and heartfelt. We will be combining paint and stitch along with some other fun things as we create a hand made junque journal. It’s all about slowing down and being in the moment and being willing to play and see where things go! It’s all about creating with heart. Sound good? Keep reading for all the details.

Come join the fun!

Bonus ... Pop Up Guest Artists!

In addition to the self paced recorded lessons in Gather Paint Stitch there will also be 8 different live sessions with some amazing guest artists. Each artist will share a live creative demo, chat, and answer any questions. Live sessions will be recorded and included in the learning hub.

(Please Note: All live guest artist sessions have taken place. Recordings are in the learning hub for you to enjoy at your own pace.)

meet your Gather Paint Stitch guide & host

Hi I'm Cindy and I am a mixed media artist and on a mission to spread creative happiness. I am so excited to bring you a fun creative learning experience through Gather Paint Stitch. My hope is to inspire you to explore your own creative play through my lessons combining paint, stitch, and more. I am just here to guide you. I hope you will come join us for the fun!

What's included:

You will have access to over 6 hours of self paced recorded lessons that will walk you through step by step how to create a fun junque journal. You will create hand painted fabric, painted and stitched elements, and more to create your journal. You can work at your own pace and have fun exploring all the possibilities. The techniques you learn can be used over and over in other projects. You can follow the lessons exactly or let your heart guide you to create your own version. See all that's included below.

Painting Fabric:
We will paint fabric to use on a junque journal cover and explore other ways to use it.

Painting Fabric Elements:
We will paint whimsical elements on fabric that can be included in the junque journal.

Stitching Elements:
We will explore ways to include hand and machine stitching in our elements to create fun texture and visual interest. (a sewing machine is optional and not required for this class)

Paper Elements:
In addition to fabric elements we will create paper elements with paint, collage, and stitching that can be used in various ways in our junque journal.

Creating a Junque Journal cover:
We will create a fun junque journal cover using our painted fabric and painted & collaged elements.

Painted Papers:
We will paint, stencil, and stamp papers that will be included in our junque journal.

Binding the Junque Journal:
We will bind our junque journal and include the painted papers + other paper.

Journal Pages:
We will work through several pages together to start filling our junque journal.

Stitch Lounge:
There is a stitch lounge that goes over 8 basic hand stitches plus machine stitching.

BONUS! 8 Guest Artist Live Demos:
Guest artists will share a live demo, chat, and answer any questions. These live sessions will be recorded and added to the learning hub. Live session schedule will be included in the learning hub. (Please Note: All live sessions have taken place and the recordings are in the learning hub for you to enjoy at your own pace.)

Lifetime Access:
You will have access to the Gather Paint Stitch lessons for as long as Junque Art Studio exists.

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  • Just $68 for over 6 hours of guided mixed media junk journal lessons + 8 guest artist live/recorded demos + lifetime access.
  • (PLEASE NOTE: all guest artist live session have taken place and were recorded. Guest artist lesson recordings are in the classroom to work through at your own pace.

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